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In this manual we show you how to register for an exam via your curriculum.

We recommend registering for exams via your curriculum, to make sure the exams belongs to your degree program.

Please log in to TUMonline  and navigate to your business card by clicking on your name top right.

1. Open your curriculum

Please click on the application "Study Status/Curriculum" 

Screenshot: Applications menu- Study status

2. Choose your degree program

In the next window click on the name of your degree program:

Screenshot: Studienplan auswählen

3. Choose the exam

In the curriculum choose the exam you wish to register for and click on the green "P".


  • green „P":   Registration is possible
  • yellow „P":  Registration ist not possible yet
  • red „P":       Registration is no longer possible
  • grey „P":     Registration is not available

Screenshot: Display curriculum

4. Register for the exam

In the next window please click on the "Register" button. Afterwards you get an overview about your exam registration, which you can print out if you like.

Screenshot: Exam registration

In the next step you can check, if your exam belongs to your degree program via the position in the tree. Click on register. 

Screenshot: Select exam in tree

Afterwards you get a confirmation that you are registerd for the exam, which you can print out, if you like. 

Screenshot: Confirmation of exam registration