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In this manual we show you, how to register for an exam via the application "Exam Registration".

Note: We recommend registering for exams via your curriculum!

Please log in to TUMonline  and navigate to your business card by clicking on your name top right.

1. Click on the link "Exam Registration" 

Screenshot: Applications menu - "Exam Registration"

2. Overview about the exam registration

The application "Exam registration - exam dates" contains several tabs: 

  • "My exams": Overview about exams you are registered for
  • "Registration via curriculum": Exam registration via your curriculum 
  • "Exam registration - search": Exam registration via search function
  • Settings

Screenshot: Overview

Search for the exam you wish to take by using the tab "exam registration - search".
Click on Register to register for your exam.

Screenshot: Exam registration - search

4. Assign the exam to your curriculum

During the registration process you need to assign the exam to your curriculum. 

Note: Before registering for your exam via "Exam registration - search" you need to assign the exam to your curriculum! If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask your campus office.

Screenshot: Assigning exam to curriculum

5. Register for the exam

After assigning your exam to the curriculum, the register-button gets activated and you can register for the exam.

Screenshot: Registration successful