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  • Rendering for VR and AR
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Three Dimensional User Interfaces
  • 3D Interaction Methods




  • SS 2019
    • 3D User Interfaces
  • WS 2018/2019
    • Einführung in Audio für Games
    • Interaktionsmethoden und Geräte
  • SS 2018
    • 3D User Interfaces
    • Tanz und Schauspiel im virtuellen Studio
  • WS 2017/2018
    • Seminar: Game Analysis

Open Student Projects and Research Questions

  • Gamified solutions for spatial awareness and user guiding in mixed reality scenarios (Thesis/Guided Research)
  • Description Language for 3D User Interfaces and Interaction pattern (Thesis/Guided Research)
  • Multi device platform for Head-Mounted Displays and 3D User Interaction (UbiVis + UbiInteract) (HiWi/GR/Thesis)
  • Using digital Instruments (e.g. E-Drum) for profiling and enhance the musician's skills (Thesis/GR)
  • Application for educational purpose to learn an instrument (e.g. E-Drums) (Thesis/GR)
  • Use of digital Instruments as input device for applications or games (Master Practical Course/Thesis)
  • Enhancing 3D User Interfaces by a classification system for transitions and animations
  • your own ideas and suggestions are always welcome!
You can find more topics from our group here

Running and Finished Student Projects

Master-, Bachelor-Theses, Guided Research:

BA –  Daniel Schubert -- Development of a HoloLens? application to augment city skylines -- June 2017 - Oct 2017

MA – Theobald Bayer –  Story Guided Procedural Generation of Complex Connected Worlds and Levels for Role Play Game -- June 2017 - Dec 2017

BA – Tobias Holewa -- Creating a High-Level Network Library for Fast-Paced Multiplayer Games -- Mai 2017 - Sept 2017

Sven Liedtke

General Information

  • Phone: +49 89 289 17087

  • Additional roles: Studiengangskoordinator "Informatik: Games Engineering" (Bachelor)
  • Opening hours:
    • "Try and Error"
    • Appointments (via e-mail)

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