Group members:

  • Mark Pilgram
  • Min-Shan Luong
  • Oliver Jung



Milestone 1 - Game Idea (18.11.2020)

Milestone 2 - Formal proposal & prototype (02.12.2020)


Milestone 3 - Interim demo (23.12.2021)

Milestone 4 - Alpha release (27.01.2021)

Milestone 5 - Playtesting (10.02.2021)

Milestone 6 - Final presentation (24.02.2020)

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  1. Things I like

    - It will be a fun game because people are used to the feeling and mechanics from other games
    - I am curious how well the AI will perform, it sounds really ambitious but at the same time really interesting. It will be interesting to see how much the AI plans their movement ahead vs how fast they can react to a changing environment.

    Things I am unsure about

    - I hope Aquario Kart can introduce some mechanics to make it stand out from other kart racers
    - It might be hard to find satisfying steering mechanics


    Maybe to stand out from other "party-games" -- personally -- I would like to see more focus being put on a more balanced game. The thing -- again personally -- I don't like about party games, is that the best player can still lose while the worst can still win.

    It might be interesting to see the AI take specific actions to reach specific simple goals in the game. This is probably a lot harder that I think of it right now, but for example if the AI wants the player to be at a certain position relative to the player, it would be fun to see it trying to influence the players steering based on its goals. (Maybe this is much harder that I think, or maybe it is so obvious that you already thought about it :)

  2. Unknown User (ga42mud)

    This I like:

    I like the idea of the water tank adding more depth, so it is not "just another kart racer". I can imagine new players liking the randomness of kart racers while practiced players enjoy the additional depth of resource management.

    This is what worries me:

    So if I understood this correctly, using items costs water. This can be an additional source of frustration, e.g. missing puddles and therefore not having enough water to start a comeback with an item. Additionally I feel like this could discourage people from using items as you sacrifice speed for using an item that may not do anything.


    Perhaps increase the water gain, e.g. add passive water regeneration.

    But ultimately -at least to me- kart racers are fast paced, ridiculous games. So I think focusing on spectacle first should be a bigger focus than gameplay balance.

  3. Unknown User (ga58len)

    1. What is your favorite aspect of the proposed game? Why?

    Mario Cart was one of my favorite games, the most fun part was always to ruin your friendship my throwing shells onto your friends cars.
    So I really looking forward to punish your hyper intelligent enemy AI with my water gun skills.

    2. What is your least favorite aspect? Why?

    You need to make sure that the game doesn't just feel like a Mario Cart clone, but has it's own unique gameplay.

    3. Which single change or addition would you suggest to most improve the game?

    Your game is wet, make sure it is also slippery.

  4. 1. What is your favorite aspect of the proposed game? Why?

    I like the idea of making a ramp a useable powerup.
    2. What is your least favorite aspect? Why?
    It's hard to make the game feel right for racing games, because it is so essential for a working game and really easy to mess up, even with small changes. I hope it works for you.

    3. Which single change or addition would you suggest to most improve the game?
    I like racing games, where knowledge of the map is useful. Maybe some shortcuts to reward map knowledge could be usefull. Additionally it could be quite interesting to use the moveable ramp for shortcuts, but you hav to watch out to make only the paths you want to be traveld on highlighted. Its frustrating to try to drive on a seemingly obvious path outside the main lane, only to discover that it doesn't work.