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  • Bachelor/Master Seminar Augmented Reality Technologies (SS20)
  • Game Analysis Bachelor Seminar (WS19/20)
  • Einführung in die Informatik für Games Engineering (WS19/20)
  • Ringvorlesung Games (SS2019)
  • Game Analysis Bachelor Seminar (WS18/19)


  • (2018-2019) "Bauen 4.0" → 3D BIM and Pointcloud Visualization in Construction, as well as in Building Operation and Maintenance Phase

Research Topics & Interests

  • Virtual representations of the real world
  • Multi-sensor physics-based real-time tracking
  • Visualization of systematic or semantic data structures
  • Mobile (Smartphone/Tablet-based) AR

Open Topics (Summer 2021)

(Guided Research Computer Science or Games Engineering) Remote Expert - State of the Art

Description: In industry, experts are often not on site to perform maintenance. Bringing them to the site of operation causes high travel and personnel costs. However, if the expert instructs an unskilled employee to carry out the work on site, the costs are reduced. For this scenario, Extended Reality promises to be a great tool and many research was done in recent years. Therefore, this Guided Research has the goal to deliver an overview of open research questions, interaction and visualization methods for Remote Guidance and possibly, to implement a pipeline for Remote Guidance with handheld or head-mounted insitu and desktop or VR-based remote scenarios.  

Suggested Knowledge:

  • Unity3D
  • Web Development
  • No aversion to literature research

(Bachelor Thesis, Guided Research Computer Science or Games Engineering) Online 3D Reconstruction for AR Apps - Backend

Description: Today, there are in principle two ways to gain 3D reconstructions of the real world: via depth cameras or via photogrammetry. This thesis has the goal to investigate online 3D reconstruction tools and bundle them in an 3D reconstruction backend that can be called by client mobile devices to achieve an ubiquitous authoring toolkit for 3D model handeling for Augmented Reality.

Suggested Knowledge:

  • backend programming (e.g. PHP, Node.js etc.)
  • basic understanding of REST API's
  • N2H: knowledge about 3D data (i.e. meshes, point clouds etc.)

(Bachelor/Master Thesis Games Engineering) User-centered 3D Reconstruction for AR Apps - Frontend 

Desription: Many spherical algorithms (photogrammetry, pivot calibration) expect the user to move a sensor along a sphere. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a user without feedback to see which areas have already been covered.  Real-time Augmented Reality Feedback can solve this problem. However, it is still boring to move a sensor in space at a suitable speed. To increase motivation, a Maze game (e.g. PacMan 3D) is to be developed for Smartphone or HoloLens, which supports the user as a serious game.

Suggested Knowledge:

  • Unity 3D
  • preferably Vuforia or ArCore Experience

(Guided Research, Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis Computer Science or Games Engineering) 3D Reconstruction for AR Apps - Postprocessing

Description: With structure from motion and depth camera based stitching approaches, there is a fair amount of possibilities to produce 3D models from real-world objects. However, since this models are not optimized for usage in 3D (e.g. VR) Scenes, they need to be post-processed afterwards (polygone filtering, retopology, uv-mapping, relightening). This thesis has the aim to investigate the current state of the art and to suggest a pipeline that contains as few manual steps as possible to produce 3D assets for extended reality applications or games.  

Suggested Knowledge:

  • (very helpful!) understanding of asset production
  • One of Blender/Houdini/OpenCV experience helpful
  • no aversion to math or literature reviews

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