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Course offered by Prof. Nassir Navab
Team: Ardit RamadaniZhongliang JiangLennart Bastian and Tianyu Song (Contact the course tutors)
Type: Praktikum (IN2106, IN4136)
SWS: 6
ECTS: 10 Credits

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Final presentations (as of 03.02.2022): Zoom link has been provided by email, as well as instructions on uploading the presentation's slides. The order of presentations is based on the Student ID as indicated in the schedule table below. Group presentations where the student IDs are separated in two days, will present in the second session (Tuesday 08.02.2022). 

Intermediate presentations (as of 07.12.2021): Zoom link has been provided by email, as well as instructions on uploading the presentation's slides. The order of presentations is based on the Student ID as indicated in the schedule table below. Group presentations where the student IDs are separated in two days, will present in the first session (Monday 13.12.2021). 

Requirements presentations (as of 06.11.2021): Zoom link has been provided by email, as well as instructions on uploading the presentation's slides. The order of presentations is based on the Student ID, so we will start from Student ID 01 until Student ID 26 in order. 

Project assignment (as of 22.10.2021): The project assignment has been complete. Please check the projects below to find out which project has been assigned to you. We have tried really hard to fulfill everyone's preferences and include as many supervisors as possible, we hope everyone is happy with the assigned project. You are advised to contact your supervisor as soon as possible to introduce yourself and appoint a meeting to kick-off the project. Good luck!

ChoiceNumber of studentsPercentage
1st choice assigned18 students69%
2nd choice assigned5 students19%
3rd choice assigned2 students8%
no submission1 student4%

Tab. Percentage of assigned projects based on student's preferences 

Project NumberSelected by
234 students
5, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 243 students

Tab. Top favorite projects (based on student's preferences)

Project announcements (as of 18.10.2021): Projects have been announced. Read through all project proposals and choose three favorite for which you write a short motivation and send it to all tutors by THURSDAY, 21.10.2021 at 23:59 Munich time. The form to apply can be found at "Downloads > Student project application template". We will assign projects once everyone has submitted their preferences, we will try use the combination that maximizes the number of first choices. Until now, only the students that have proposed their own project have been assigned on the table below (those projects are reserved to those students and cannot be chosen from the rest). Good luck!

SourceNumber of projectsPercentage
Academia22 projects61%
Industry14 projects39%

Tab. Percentage of projects from academia and industry 

De-registration deadline (as of 23.07.2021): Friday, 01.10.2021, 23:59 Munich Time zone. All students who want to deregister the course without getting booked with a grade, please make sure to send the course tutors an email for deregistration before the deadline.

Updates due to CoViD-19: All lectures and student presentations, until any further notice, are scheduled to be held online through Zoom. Make sure to have Zoom installed and ready for the First session. The details for joining the lecture and presentation sessions, students will be informed through email in timely manner at least one day before the session. Please also follow course's web-site and TUMOnline for any further announcements.


For lecture sessions, presentation sessions and changes in the schedule, please also refer to TUMOnline.

DateTimePlaceTopicConducted byMaterials
Friday, 16.07.202117:00 - 18:00ZoomPreliminary meeting ("Vorbesprechung")Course tutors
Friday, 01.10.202123:59 CESTEmailDe-registration Deadline
To: All tutors
Monday, 18.10.202109:00 - 10:00ZoomLecture 1: Introduction and Project AnnouncementCourse tutors
Tuesday, 19.10.202109:00 - 12:00Zoom

Lecture 2: Presentation Tips and Project Management

Lecture 3: UML

Zhongliang Jiang

Lennart Bastian

Thursday, 21.10.202123:59 CESTEmailDeadline to send project preferencesSeminar ParticipantsTo: All tutors
Monday, 08.11.202109:00 - 12:00ZoomRequirements PresentationsSeminar ParticipantsOrder of presentation from Student ID 01 to 26
Tuesday, 09.11.202110:00 - 12:00ZoomLecture 4: Documentation, Tests, Design Patterns & Integration StrategyArdit Ramadani
Monday, 13.12.202109:00 - 12:00ZoomIntermediate Presentations Part I

Seminar Participants

Order of presentation from Student ID 01 to 13
Tuesday, 14.12.202109:00 - 12:00ZoomIntermediate Presentations Part II

Seminar Participants

Order of presentation from Student ID 14 to 26
Monday, 07.02.202209:00 - 12:00ZoomFinal Presentations Part ISeminar ParticipantsOrder of presentation from Student ID 14 to 26
Tuesday, 08.02.202209:00 - 12:00ZoomFinal Presentations Part IISeminar ParticipantsOrder of presentation from Student ID 01 to 13

Available Projects

Projects will be announced in due time and presented during the Introductory meeting. Please communicate a selection of 3 choices, each with an explanation (ca. 5 sentences) for why you want to work on this project and how you meet the requirements specified in the project proposal. Use the Student Application Template provided in the Download section.


MDOP - The Medical Device Operational Platform

Stephan Doerfler

0BLocation Recognition for Laparoscopic SurgeryRegine HartwigJakob
0CAI-based Swallow Analysis for Dysphagia DiagnosticsDaniel OstlerDavid
0DImpacts of Interhemispheric Connection on Aphasia Levels and Language Prognosis in Brain Tumor PatientsDr. Sebastian Ille and Haosu Zhang Kartikay
0EWeb-based Virtual Reality for Dynamic 3-Dimensional Cardiac Doppler UltrasoundGeorg SchummersMona
0FLow-cost Height and Weight Measurement of BabiesMartin WeissJosh

A Combined Simulation Approach for Blood Substitute Flow and Oxygen Delivery

Prof. Dr. Ilona Grunwald KadowRaimon
0HSystem for Mosaicking ɣ-camera images – making scintigraphy available to poor countries and petsDr. Thomas. Wendler




Gating failure correction for myocardial perfusion imaging

PD Dr. Stephan Nekolla and Alberto Villagran

02Performance Assessment in Cataract Surgery TrainingFederico Acosta and Borja SánchezDialekti Athina
03Advanced Image Acquisition in OphthalmologyFederico Acosta and Ferdnando Benito
04Mobile Measurement Tool for OphthalmologyFederico Acosta and Borja Sánchez
05Digital ICU: Data Processing and Visualization Pipeline for Patient Data in Intensive Care UnitChen Ee HengMetin
06Do surgeons actually use an Augmented Reality System? - Eye Gaze Data AnalysisTianyu Song and Lennart Bastian
07Medical Reports Based Data Mining of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging StudiesPD Dr. Stephan Nekolla and Alberto VillagranAlexandra-Diana
08Visualization of Logged Athlete-diets Dr. Claudia Osterkamp-Baerens and Eva BussamCatarina
09GUI Development for Calibration, Planning, and Steering a Robot during Subretinal SurgeryKristina Mach and Alejandro Martin-Gomez
10Web-based Heart Statistical Shape ModelDiogo Ferreira de Almeida, Wen-Yang ChuHeidi
11Automatic Deep Learning-based Whole Heart Segmentation Using Landmark Points from 3D Cardiac CT ImagesSoroosh Tayebi ArastehAli
12Whole-Heart Mesh Reconstruction from Medical ImagesDiogo Ferreira de Almeida, Wen-Yang ChuYitong
13Modelling and Visualization of Structured Radiology Reports as GraphsKristina Mach, Ashkan Khakzar and Matthias KeicherSebastian
14Spine CT Deep Learning Processing and Dataset Creation Kristina Mach, Ashkan Khakzar and Matthias KeicherLukas
15AI Benchmarking PlatformRami Eisway
16ImFusion plugin for EM Catheter Tracking in Pre-opeartive MR/CT ImagesArdit Ramadani



17Motion Correction in Prostate PET/MRI: Image RegistrationPD Dr. Stephan Nekolla and Borjana Bogdanovic
18Medical Imaging: A (Python) GUI to rule them allPD Dr. Stephan Nekolla and Esteban Lucas SolariTobias
19The fault in our counts: can CNNs prove tumor motion?PD Dr. Stephan Nekolla and Esteban Lucas Solari
20Correction of Tracking Data for better TRUS Volume CompoundingMohammad Farid Azampour
21Development of a Mobile App for a Wireless Biosignal DeviceDr. Sebastian HerbergerSonja

22Automated Noise Removal Feature for Mentalab Explore data StreamDr. Sebastian Herberger

23Development of a Human-Machine Interface based on Multimodal Biosignal ProcessingDr. Sebastian HerbergerMayar

24Deep Learning Based iOCT Image EnhancementMichael SommerspergerAndrea-Renáta
25Surgical Assist ControlDr. Ali Nasseri
26Image-guided Robotic Eye SurgeryShervin Dehghani
27Improving OR Patient RecognitionLennart BastianZeynep
28Energy Efficient of Brain-inspired Neural NetworksDr. Gabriel Castrillon


All students indicated in the table below have a fixed place in the course for the WS21/22.

3Dialekti Athina8Sebastian13Yitong18Ali23Catarina28

Prerequisites and Registration

This course requires basic knowledge of C++ or similar OO programming language. The concepts of OO programming and other concepts as conducted in the Introduction to Computer Science lecture are assumed.

Registration through the TUM Matching System is mandatory. Your chances to be assigned to the course increase if you give the course a higher rank in your choices. If you already have a potential project, notify the course tutors via e-mail as soon as possible. This increases your chances to be assigned to the course, but you have to register through the matching system in any case. For further details about how the matching system works and its schedule please check the documentation.

Project Proposals

In this lab course, students work on clinical software projects and find solutions for problems in the field of medical applications. The student's workload should be around 10-14 hours per week for a period of 3 - 4 months on the assigned project (10 ECTS course).

Each project is expected to have one contact person (supervisor) who should be available for regular updates or if the student needs any help. In addition, the supervisors are kindly invited to participate in the student presentations (Requirements, Intermediate, Final) taking place at the CAMP chair. Each project supervisor will decide on 50% of the grade based on the student’s performance in the project. The other 50% will be decided upon by lecturers, based on the quality of project management and presentation skills of the student.

The project proposal should give a short introduction into the context and describe the most important aspects and expected outcome of the project. Furthermore it should clearly state the required (and optional) skills (programming language, experience with certain libraries etc.).

If you have a suitable project, preferably with a clinical or industrial partner, you are kindly invited to fill out the project proposal template and send it to the course tutors. The deadline for proposal submission is beginning of the lecture period for the Winter Semester 2021.

Preliminary Meeting

Topic: PMSD WS2021 - Preliminary meeting ("Vorbesprechung")

Date: Friday, 16 July 2021

Time: 17:00 (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna time) (updated time)


Meeting ID: 



* TUM Informatics Student Code of Conduct

* TUM Citation Guide

* CAMP presentation slides for PowerPoint:  CAMPmaster.ppt

* CAMP presentation slides for Latex

* Student project application template

* Supervisor project proposal template

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