“Disruptive Politics & Technology”

Dear attendee of the Munich Politics Network,

The Munich Politics Network (MPN), initiated by the Hochschule für Politik München, aims to create a global network and an annual forum for discussions related to challenges in politics and technology. The inaugural event, a joint cooperation with the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), will take place on November 22 & 23, 2018.

This year, MPN is devoted to "Disruptive Politics & Technology". Disruptions are characterized by major sudden displacements of existing political, economic, societal or technological structures and its rapid substitution by new structures or emerging technologies. Technological disruptions (e.g. robotics, internet of things, social media, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing) are leading to unprecedented changes in politics, society, and economy. At the same time, political disruptions (e.g. Brexit vote, election of president Trump, or the rise of populism) question existing liberal democracies. Against this background, this inaugural event of the Munich Politics Network focuses on these disruptions. You can find the program here: http://www.mpn.hfp.tum.de/#!/schedule

We kindly ask you to register below and provide us with the information requested. Please be advised that you can only participate in the event if you have registered!  After a successful registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail from confluence@tum.de

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in November at the Hochschule für Politik München.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt

Venue: Hochschule für Politik München

Date: November 22-23, 2018

Address: Richard-Wagner-Str. 1, 80333 Munich

If you experience any technical difficulties or if you have further questions, please contact:

E-Mail: tony.mueller@hfp.tum.de

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We are looking forward to welcoming you in November.

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