This manual shows you, how to edit your contact details on your personal business card.

1. Display personal business card

The personal business card is the key element in your TUMonline user account. Your most important contact details are displayed here for registered TUM users. You also have access to the applications and authorizations relevant to you.

Please log in to TUMonline  and enter your personal business card.

  • Click on your name top right to get to your business card:

Screenshot: TUMonline-Business card - Name

2. Edit business card

You can edit many of the details shown via the link “Edit” top right.

Screenshot: Link "Edit business card"

The following window opens up.

Screenshot: "Edit business card"


You may enter a homepage.

Phone number or fax number

Here can you enter a phone number, mobile phone number or fax number.

Additional information

The field "Additional Info" gives you the opportunity to enter additional contact details

Business card picture

You can upload a picture, which is displayed in your business card. To do so, click on the link "Edit". 
You can choose to upload a new picture or use the one from your student card. Make sure the picture is formatted in the right size.

Business card/Workplace backround image

Here you can choose a backround image for TUMonline.

Afterwards please save your business card settings