In a galaxy far far away in the year 2708… or something similar to that. I mean according to which species calendar are we even counting
anymore? The truth is that humanity has been colonizing other planets for a while now and most humans are not even sure if the original planet they keep
hearing in stories ever existed or still does. As expected humanity found out they are not alone and very quickly crossed paths with hundreds of other species. Even though communication was

established rather quickly one of the most serious problems was that cultures and habits were too strange for the different civilizations to explore each other in a bigger depth. One thing
everyone had in common though was a past of experimentation with sounds that was bound to evolve into music. So to honor their newly found relationships they agreed and organized
a new annual event where representatives from each civilization would fight in an arena that would come to life under the sounds of their music.
This year’s representative for humanity is the young Unity-chan. With a height of 1.70m, weight of 50 kg and packing a sword twice her size and thrice her weight she is ready to take
on everything that will walk out of the WubWub arena doors.

Milestone 1 - Game Idea Pitch


Milestone 2 - Prototype

Milestone 3 - Interim

Milestone 4 - Alpha

Milestone 5 - Playtest

Milestone 5 - Conclusion

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