August 2017

Computational Catalysis, Postdoc Positions

The Catalysis Modelling Group (CMG), directed by Prof. Notker Rösch, is looking for new talent at the postdoctoral level, to tackle problems motivated by industrial catalysis applications. CMG is part of the A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) in Singapore,

CMG will expand its activities regarding catalytic reactions
(1) in nano-porous systems using embedding strategies and
(2) at reducible metal-oxide surfaces,
employing periodic and localized (molecular) DFT approaches.

In the cover letter of your application, please explain in detail your specific interests, i.e. projects (1) or (2), and the experience that qualifies you for tackling one or more of these tasks.

Successful candidates

CMG@IHPC offers

If you are excited about applying your skills in computational modelling to challenges in the field of catalysis, we invite you to send the cover letter and your resume to at . Only applications to this mailbox can be considered.