Riddilikus is a network-based isometric action-adventure game with a heavy focus on cooperative gameplay. Characters with different magic abilities and interactable environments confront the players with challenging puzzles only solvable if they properly combine their abilities at the right time. To make the game even more challenging the players will have to face off against strong opponents where teamwork will be required in order to struck them down.

The game is set on a fictional planet far away from earth. According to the ship’s onboard map, there seems to be a human-inhabited village not far from our players’ crash site, however, in order to get to the point and possibly get off the planet, our characters have to traverse a hostile environment which tries to hinder them with complex and unknown areas. Furthermore, every time a section is completed and hope is on the horizon, unknown lifeforms that can only be described as alien creatures try to stop the players from progressing any further.

Chapter 1: Game Proposal

Chapter 2: Physical Prototype

Link to the puzzle prototype playtesting video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ijfUsGtxUSZYZv_a2WPE4-_nZY549QqA

Link to the boss prototype playtesting video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pCrkCEvkUbBRqptwnDoRysYDJBsK5o2H

Chapter 3: Interim Report


Chapter 4: Alpha Release


Chapter 5: Playtesting


Chapter 6: Final

Link to the gameplay video :

Gameplay Video

Link to the executable and source files: