Aboard their space station, four little alien astronauts are having a tiny bit of a crisis. The board computer has been infected by a malicious virus,
causing it to go haywire and send out a multitude of robots to destroy the control panels. The astronauts must defend these control panels while they
perform an anti-virus scan to identify and eliminate the source of the board computer’s malfunction.

"A Tiny Crisis in Space" is a third person coop shooter for four players featuring network-based multiplayer, a merge-mechanic and waves of AI enemies.

Team "Spekulatius" Development Diary  (Game Proposal Chapter, Physical Prototype Chapter, Interim Report Chapter, Alpha Release Chapter)

Presentations(Game Proposal, Physical Prototype)

Physical Prototype Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PQ9Jwx_8RNE38AId_R3QmVvTwYb1ljCy/view