Open Thesis Topics:

Contact Sandro Weber  for topics of:

Contact Sven Liedtke  for topics of:

  •  Project: Cooperative Map for Executive Officers during Catastrophic Situations

    • no open Topics
  •  Project: Ubi-Vis - Ubiquitous Visualization Platform for Mixed Reality Applications

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    • User Interface - Design and evaluate concepts to enhance spatial awareness to guide users to information of interests
    • Continuous Integration - How to test and ensure functionality of XR apps and corresponding user interfaces
    • Performance Measuring - Ensure low frame timing for XR application is crucial for a suitable user experience
    • Adaptive scene management to fit environmental geometry
    • Collaborative and shared virtual environment with HoloLens2 and other participants
    • Enhancing 3D User Interfaces by a classification system for transitions and animations
  • Project: Augmented Cockpit
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  • Project: EduAR for Piano learning
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Contact Linda Rudolph for topics of 3D World Representation, mobile AR and Real-Time Computer Vision:

Final Thesis
— No More Capacity in Summer Semester 2023 —

Old topics

(Guided Research | Master Thesis) Computer Science or Games Engineering Multi-User Waytracking for and with AR

Description: AR applications benefit from an enhanced understanding of the scene - a navigation application, for example, will be better if more than just a 3D model is known of the scene. This "more" can be, for example, paths that users frequently use or motion patterns like "stair climbing" that indicate whether a part of the path requires increased attention and should rather not be overlaid by AR content. To this end, an existing AR application for the FMI main hall will be extended with IMU-based pathtracking that iteratively computes standard paths from user motion patterns and extends them into a navigation tool.

Suggested (but not mandatory) Knowledge:

  • Unity
  • Affinity for sensor data
  • Nodejs / Javascript

(Bachelor / Master Thesis / Guided Research Games Engineering) User-centered 3D Reconstruction Metaphors for AR Apps - Frontend 

Description: Hand-held Image-based 3D reconstruction expects that the user moves a sensor along a sphere around an object. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a user without feedback to see which areas have already been covered. Real-time Augmented Reality Feedback can solve this problem. However, there exists several approaches for such a guidance (visualising a bounding box, automatic image capturing, visualising camera positions). This thesis aims to implement several metaphors an explore their impact on the reconstruction quality.

Suggested Knowledge:

  • Unity 3D
  • preferably Vuforia or ArCore Experience

(Guided Research | Master Thesis | Bachelor Thesis) Computer Science or Games Engineering) The real world in VR - An Analysis of Image Based Rendering Techniques and Scene Synthesis

Description: Most VR experiences are built upon manually designed virtual scenes, some of them even mocking an existing reality. But a special research field that gains more and more attention of big players in VR like Google and Facebook starts investigating ultra-realistic technologies based on light fields and image based rendering technologies. This thesis should give an overview and should evaluate specificly the possibilities of the Unity based ColibriVR library.

Suggested Knowledge:

  • Unity3D
  • a basic understanding of photogrammetry
  • No aversion to literature research

Contact: Eghtebas, Chloe for topics of:

Research Topics 

Contact Christian Eichhorn (details: Open Thesis) for topics of:

  • (Bachelor/Master) Development of Mixed Reality interactions (AR/VR) in a humanoid robot simulation for hospital care
  • (Bachelor/Master) User Interface to visualize health parameters in a hospital ward acquired through new technologies
  • (Bachelor/Master) Virtual and Augmented Reality Projects for older adults
  • (Bachelor/Master) Virtual Reality remote teaching application together with Prof. Wuttke
  • (Bachelor/Master) Collaboration with Tim Mehling and team in the area of helicopter flight interface development: 
    → More details for the helicopter project:
  • (Guided Research) History of AR game development and future trends

Contact Daniel Dyrda for topics of:

Contact Despina Salpisti for topics of:

Contact David Plecher (details Open Theses)

  • Serious-AR-Games: teaching languages, cultural heritage,...... with Serious Games and Augmented Reality  (Bachelor/Master Thesis, Master Practical Course, Guided Research)
  • Teaching Physics with XR (cooperation with Prof. Kuhn (LMU)) - Themenausschreibung
  • AR and Cultural Heritage: using AR in museums or public places to visualize information, objects,....  (Bachelor/Master Thesis, Master Practical Course, Guided Research)

Contact Gudrun Klinker  for open thesis topics

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Finished/Running Theses Add New Bachelor ThesisAdd New Master ThesisAdd New Practical Course

MP: Using Projective Augmented Reality in an Interactive Museum Application
MP: RuneTD
MP: Nachts im Museum
MP: HieroQuest
MP: AR-Escape the Room
MA: Wireless Streaming of PC generated VR content to visualize High Detailed 3D models of Cultural Heritage
MA: Wireless Streaming of PC generated VR content for Immersive HD Gaming
MA: Using Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality for Virtual Reconstruction of Ancient Statues
MA: Siegestor AR
MA: PID-Tuning Framework for Remotely Operated Humanoid Robots
MA: HieroQuest – Educational Hieroglyph Game
MA: Handshake
MA: Evaluation of Potential for Automotive Engineering Training in Virtual Reality
MA: Elementary
MA: Design and Evaluation of a Remote Guidance Application by using 3D Augmentation to Enhance Spatial Understanding of a Problem by means of Mixed Reality Technology
MA: Combining a drinking gadget with a boardgame to improve the quality of life ofAlzheimer’s patients
MA: Behavior Specification for Reactive Systems
MA: A Serious Game about Ancient Battles in Virtual Reality
MA: ARtemis - Augmented Reality and Ancient Statues
MA: A location-based serious game about the Studentenstadt Freimann
MA: A Gamified Drinking Reminder Application for Seniors
GR Enable 3-6
GR Arabisch
Escape: Kill Zone
Boxfrod out of Shape
Between Worlds
BA: Working in VR - A web-based approach combining 2D and 3D interfaces
BA: VR - Perception of Time & Immersion in Situations of Acrophobia
BA: Visual Augmentation To Improve Bench Pressing Form
BA: Virtual Embodiment of Human Feet in the Neurorobotics Platform
BA: Using Mobile AR Tracking Data to Generate 3D Geometry for Gameplay Interaction
BA: Using Mixed Reality to Present Cultural Heritage in a Museum Demonstrated by the Example of the Arch of Titus
BA: Using AR to Help Learn Songs on a Physical Piano
BA: The Future of UX Design using EEG Brain Activity and Emotion Recognition Technology
BA: Sushi AR: Augmented Reality Sushi Recipes with Focus on Healthy Nutrition as a Serious Game
BA:Serious Game for Management of IT-Projects
BA: Psychological Mechanics in Mobile Games and the Shift to Mobile VR
BA: MR Parthenon
BA: Learning Assistance for Sports Activities and Physical Therapy based on Body Tracking
BA: Inspired by the ultimate perspective - Development of a piano learning application using augmented reality
BA: Identification and classification of character-based languages in the area of Augmented Reality
BA: HoloOppidum
BA: Exploration of Guidelines to Gather Opinion Data from Games within an Urban Planning Context
BA: Emotion-driven Card Game Design for Cognitive Training of the Elderly
BA: Effects of Locomotion in VR on Motion Sickness and Immersion
BA: Conceptioning and prototyping of a mixed realities dungeon crawler
BA: Classification of sEMG in Ubi-Interact using TernsorflowJS: Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors
BA: A Serious Game about the Battles of the Second Punic War in VR
[23WS - MP] Super Mesh Bros. - Arrow Ambush Adventure
[23WS - MP] Master Practical Course: "Level Design" - Final Presentation - The Facility
[23WS - MP] Daruma - Level Engineering Project Presentation
[23WS - MP] Augmented Magnets
[23WS - MA] Simulation of a Hospital Room in Virtual Reality to improve Patient Monitoring
[23WS - MA] Semantical Digital Reconstruction of a Process Plant using Deep Learning based 3D Instance Segmentation - a Case Study
[23WS - MA] Integrating Augmented Reality into the Clinical Craniotomy Planning Process: A Workflow-Based Approach
[23WS - MA] Incorporating Haptic User Interfaces into Dynamic Surface Expansion to create Digital Board Games for the Elderly
[23WS - MA] GPU-accelerated Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Dynamic Soaring Flight Guidance
[23WS - MA] Extending an Open Source Interpersonal Synchrony Research Platform through User Centered Design Evaluations and Frontend Development
[23WS - MA] Developing a Reactive Character Controller for 3D Action-Adventure Games
[23WS - MA] Creating Interaction Methods for Visual State Diagram Editors
[23WS - MA] Adapting State of the Art Temporal Sentence Grounding Models for Long Videos
[23WS Level Engineering] Colorblocker
[23WS - GR] Towards a Contactless Sensing Pressure Mattress (CPM) for Monitoring and Prevention of Decubitus Ulcers using Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) sensors
[23WS - GR] Modularization of frameworks and tracking techniques in Augmented Reality Applications
[23WS - GR] Gamification of an Augmented reality system for patients undergoing rehabilitation
[23WS - GR] Further development of the wrist of a humanoid nursing robot in a clinical setting. Weiterentwicklung des Handgelenks eines humanoiden Pflegeroboters im klinischen Bereich.
[23WS - GR] Einfluss eines Serious Games zum Erlernen der japanischen Sprache / Impact of a Serious Game for learning Japanese
[23WS - GR] Design and Analysis of a Post-Processing Room in a Synchrony Hub
[23WS - GR] Best Practices for Using AI Companions in Games
[23WS - GR] A study on the effectiveness of different types of navigational assistance in video games when performing complex wayfinding tasks
[23WS - GR] Analysis and Evaluation of a Mobile Augmented Reality Exhibition Guide
[23WS - BA] Volume of Interest Annotation Methods in Industrial Use Cases using Augmented Reality
[23WS - BA] The real world in VR - a Use Case analysis of Image Based Rendering Techniques in VR
[23WS - BA] The Impact of Different Presentation Modes of Museum Exhibits on the Knowledge Transfer
[23WS - BA] Refactoring and Implementing a Realtime Computer Vision Pipeline for an OpenSource Video Conferencing Platform using OpenFace
[23WS - BA] Procedural Content Generation for Dungeons with Focus on Replayability
[23WS - BA] Optimization of Application Funnels with Game-Typical Elements
[23WS - BA] Maps in Videogames: Principles and Practice of Map-Based Wayfinding Support Techniques
[23WS - BA] Introduction of Technical Aids in the Form of a Tablet to Support Communication of Patient Needs to Medical Staff
[23WS - BA] Holographic Concepts for Aircraft Navigation - Implementation in a Mixed Reality Flight Simulator with a Head-Mounted Display
[23WS - BA] Gamespace Patterns: Theory and Application
[23WS - BA] Diversity in Games: Methods and Tools for Inclusive Game Development
[23WS - BA] Development of an Augmented Reality Based eLearning Tool for Teaching the Basics of Harmonic Theory
[23WS - BA] Developing a web-based serious game for children about nutrition focusing on the carbon dioxide and water footprint
[23WS - BA] Developing a Serious Game to teach Mathematics
[23WS - BA] Developing a Boss Battle Framework for the Unity Game Engine
[23WS - BA] Designing a Serious Game based on Homers "Odyssey"
[23WS - BA] Creating Dynamic Game Spaces for Location-Based Games Based on Player Individuality
[23WS - BA] Communication Interfaces for Distributed Augmented Reality Applications in Industrial Contexts
[23WS - BA] Building an Extendable Research Platform for Conducting Online Synchrony Experiments with the help of Design Thinking and Software Development Life Cycle Concepts
[23WS - BA] Assisting old adults in care with apps providing intuitive UI on Apple Watch and iPhone
[23WS - BA] Artificial Intelligence Assisted Content Generation for Level Design Processes
[23WS - BA] AR Companion Application for Physical and Mental Health Especially for Elderly People
[23WS - BA] AR and Serious Games in Clinical Healthcare Focusing on Nutrition for Certain Diseases
[23WS - BA] An Augmented Reality based Humanoid Robot Teleoperation System for Medical Care
[23WS - BA] A Functional Gamespace Model: Hierarchical Graphs and Spatial Partitioning Based on the Integrity of Space
[23SS - MA] Teaching Optical Principles in XR
[23SS - MA] Studying and Improving the Tracking Module in Industrial Augmented Reality Applications
[23SS - MA] Prototyping Haptic Feedback Gloves for Controlling a Humanoid Robot for Healthcare Applications
[23SS - MA] A Practical Approach to Documents in Game Development
[23SS - BA] The real world in VR - a Use Case analysis of Image Based Rendering Techniques in VR
[23SS - BA] Games Engineering: a Formal Approach to Gamespaces
[22WS - MP] mARgistrale
[22WS - MP] Evaluating the Effect of Augmented Reality in Serious Games: A DragonTale Case Study
[22WS - MP] Cultural Heritage AR
[22WS - MP] Autonomous Flying Mini Drone-ball in a Multi-Player AR Superhuman Sports Game
[22WS - MA] Visual Debugging in Reactive Programming for Games
[22WS - MA] The Design and Development of a Multiplayer Augmented Reality Platform-Independent Framework for Superhuman Sports
[22WS - MA] Remote Assistance Tools for Virtual Experiences
[22WS - MA] Physics-Based Infrared Sensor Simulation and Visualization on Helmet-Mounted Display
[22WS - MA] Ludus Magnus: The influence of visuals on a Serious Game
[22WS - MA] Ludus Magnus
[22WS - MA] Interactive Music Generation with Deep Learning
[22WS - MA] Industrial Augmented Reality Requirements, Mobile 3D Reconstruction Methods and Markerless Object Tracking
[22WS - MA] Human Pose Estimation: Validation of Learning-based Approaches for Application in Sports Analytics
[22WS - MA] HoloAssist: Integrating an Augmented Reality Headset in a Flight Simulator
[22WS - MA] Generating an Environment for Socializing Between Elderly in a VR Supermarket
[22WS - MA] Evaluation of Serious Games and Gamification as a Tool for Learning Japanese Kanji
[22WS - MA] Evaluation of Recent Augmented Reality Tracking Approaches for Augmented Quality Checks in an Assembly Line
[22WS - MA] Engineering a State Diagram Editor for Optimal Developer Experience
[22WS - MA] Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Dragon Tale - A Serious Game for Learning Japanese Kanji
[22WS - MA] Bonkers Borders - A Serious AR Game of Boundaries Unfitting and Consequences Unwitting
[22WS - MA] ARSagas - A Historically Accurate Serious Game Focusing on Mythology
[22WS - MA] A Machine Learning Exploration to Quantify Synchrony: Visually Detecting Dyadic Synchrony Based on a Multi-modal Data Stream
[22WS - MA] Acquire, Visualize, and Analyze Building Models for Construction Progress Monitoring
[22WS - MA] Accessibility and Acceptance of Novel Interactions in Virtual Engineering Worlds
[22WS - MA] 3D User Interfaces for Virtual World Engineering Using Virtual Reality
[22WS - Level Engineering] Fogvill: Amusement Park of the Dead
[22WS - GR] Trend Study on Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality: the gateways to the Metaverse
[22WS - GR] Silhouette-Based Segmentation of 3D Objects for Industrial Use Cases
[22WS - GR] Multiuser VR Shopping Simulation for elderly people
[22WS - GR] Integration of Structured Light Sensor into Mobile Augmented Reality Scenarios and Feasibility Analysis for 3D Reconstruction
[22WS - GR] Improving the Augmented Virtuality Smartphone as an Interaction Device
[22WS - GR] Extended Natural User Interface: Combining Microelectronics with Tangible Pieces in a Serious Board Game for the Elderly
[22WS - GR] Exploring the IMGUI concept for graphical user interfaces in mixed reality applications
[22WS - GR] AR-based Pose Quality Evaluation in COLMAP and Blurred Image Detection in Photogrammetry Image-Sets
[22WS - BA] Virtual Board Game for Dementia Patients Nine Men ́s Morris and Variants with 3D Printed Pieces and Touchscreen
[22WS - BA] Unified Camera Controls: Developing a Camera System for 3D Computer Games
[22WS - BA] Towards an Adaptive Framework: Pacing in Nonlinear Gamespaces
[22WS - BA] Simulation for Practicing and Learning the Japanese Language in Real-Life Situations With the Usage of AR
[22WS - BA] Remote guidance using augmented reality annotations through video streams
[22WS - BA] Realistic tennis simulation in virtual reality using haptic ball physics
[22WS - BA] Procedural Dungeon Generation For Games Based On Hierarchical Graphs
[22WS - BA] Principles of Japanese Joinery Applied on 3D Printed Data Transferring Interconnected Modules
[22WS - BA] Physical Embodiment in VR: Interchangeable Web-Based Modules using Ubi-Interact
[22WS - BA] Modes of Presentation
[22WS - BA] Mixed Reality im Gesundheitswesen: Immersive Humanoide Robotersteuerung für Patientenpflege
[22WS - BA] Level Design Patterns for Competitive Multiplayer First-Person Shooters
[22WS - BA] Inclusion and Diversity in Game Development: Principles for Unbiased Design Decisions
[22WS - BA] Implementation of Low Cost Haptic Feedback Gloves for VR/AR- controlled Humanoid Robotic Body Interaction
[22WS - BA] Implementation of a location based game for elderly people using a virtual animal companion in augmented reality
[22WS - BA] Implementation of a Geometry Pipeline to Generate LoD for XR Applications with Programmatic CAD Representations
[22WS - BA] Implementation and Characterization of Commercial off-the-shelf Sensors for the Attitude Determination System of the MOVE-III CubeSat
[22WS - BA] Impact of a serious app using augmented reality, gamification and personalized suggestions on sugar consumption
[22WS - BA] Holographic Concepts for Aircraft Navigation - Implementation in a Mixed Reality Flight Simulator with a Head-Mounted Display
[22WS - BA] Game Engineering Principles: Fair Gamespaces for Competitive Multiplayer Games
[22WS - BA] From Assets to Game Worlds: Pipeline Engineering for Level Design
[22WS - BA] Formal Game Spaces for Artificial Intelligence in Games
[22WS - BA] Foreign Language Learning Using Augmented Reality Environments: A Systematic Review
[22WS - BA] FARm - A Serious Game Simulation on Pig- and Poultry-Fattening, Environmental Impact and Animal Welfare
[22WS - BA] Evaluation of two methods, swept frequency capacitive sensing and distance measuring, determining the liquid level of a drinking gadget.
[22WS - BA] Evaluation of the Impact of Augmented Reality in Conveying Cultural Heritage.
[22WS - BA] Entwicklung eines Serious Game zum Thema von "Orpheus und Eurydike"
[22WS - BA] Enhancing the Realism of a Virtual Reality Travel Application for the Elderly through Multisensorial Stimulation
[22WS - BA] Dynamic Pacing and Adaptive Challenge in Video Games
[22WS - BA] Dynamic Audio for Video Games
[22WS - BA] Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Game Engineering: A Practical Framework for Game Development Processes
[22 WS BA] Development of a User Friendly Content Creation System for the Stolperstein Memorial Augmented Reality Application
[22WS - BA] Development of a User Friendly Content Creation System for the Stolperstein Memorial Augmented Reality Application
[22WS - BA] Development of an App for Measuring and Analyzing Food Data in Retirement Homes with the Goal of Healthy Nutrition
[22WS - BA] Development of a Data-Oriented Gameplay Foundation System to Execute State Diagrams
[22WS - BA] Development of a Boss Design Tool in the Unity Game Engine
[22WS - BA] Developing a Wayfinding Support Framework for Virtual Spaces
[22WS - BA] Developing a Modular Agent Controller for 3D Games using Reactive Programming
[22WS - BA] Developing a Gamespace Analysis Toolkit for Competitive Shooter Games
[22WS - BA] Design Specification and Integration of Spatial Audio Events in Mixed Reality Applications
[22WS - BA] Designing a Location-based Music Game with AR Aspects for Elderly People
[22WS - BA] Design and Implementation of a System for Visualizing Common 2D and 3D Geospatial Data in a Real-Time 3D Engine
[22WS - BA] Design and Development of an Open-Source Conferencing Platform for Perceptual Manipulation in Online Experiments
[22WS - BA] Creating Engaging Game Spaces for Location-Based Games Using Procedural Content Generation and Real-World Models
[22WS - BA] Boss Board: A Tabletop Modeling Approach to Boss Engineering
[22WS - BA] Automatic Integration of Procedurally Generated Environments as Context in Automotive Design Experiences.
[22WS - BA] Augmented Reality in Chemistry Education
[22WS - BA] Assessment of Information from Depth of Field
[22WS - BA] AR-Escape: Evaluating the Impact of Augmented Reality on Escape the Room Systems
[22WS - BA] Anti-Cheating Measures in Video Games
[22WS - BA] Analysis of how different lighting conditions affect the performance of a visual heart rate detection algorithm (rPPG)
[22WS - BA] Air Traffic Obstacle Highlighting in an Augmented Reality Cockpit Environment
[22WS - BA] Agent-Based Modeling as Level Design Method for Balanced Gamespaces
[22WS - BA] Agent-Based Modeling as Game Design Method for Combat Balancing
[22WS - BA] Adaptive Quest Systems for Role-PlayingGames
[22SS - MP] Infiltrate the Castle
[22SS - MP] Evaluating the Effects of Augmented Reality in Serious Games: A DragonTale Case Study
[22SS - MA] Game Balancing: Fair Experiences in Competitive Multiplayer Video Games
[22SS - MA] Distributed Python Computation in Mixed Reality Environments
[22SS - GR] Calibrating a Spatial Augmented Reality Environment with Tangible User Interface Using an Embedded Optical Sensing System
[22SS - BA] The Language of Bosses: A Formal Framework for Game Engineering
[22SS - BA] Orpheus' Journey - Using Serious Games to Prepare for an Opera Visit of Monteverdi's l'Orfeo
[22SS - BA] Evaluation of the Impact of Augmented Reality in Conveying Cultural Heritage.
[22SS - BA] Developing a Virtual Reality Terrain Editor for the Godot Game Engine
[22SS - BA] Design Engineering of Metroidvania Games: Principles and Patterns
[22SS - BA] AR in Chemistry Education
[21WS - MP] Serious Game für Pflegeheimbewohner zur Motivation von ausgewogener Ernährung
[21WS - MA] Smart Game Worlds: Application of Hierarchical Graphs Generated from Scene Structures
[21WS - MA] Rule-based Semantical Enhancement of Two-Dimensional CAD’s in the Context of Building Plans
[21WS - MA] Quantifying Synchrony in Online Interactions as a Virtual Score and Testing the Effect of Varying Emotional Context
[21WS - MA] Pose Estimation of Augmented Reality Glasses via Deep Neural Network Ensembles
[21WS - MA] Pipeline for Integrating Localization ofOutdoor Points of Interest for an AugmentedReality Application
[21WS - MA] Nonlinear Perspectives in Augmented Reality
[21WS - MA] Investigation of Concepts to Improve Development of HMD based XR Applications Using Multiple Camera Approaches
[21WS - MA] Information Flow in Distributed Multi-Agent Systems as a Game Mechanic for Immersive Story Worlds
[21WS - MA] Evaluating Input Methods in VR forSpecial Education Teachers
[21WS - MA] Enhancing 3D Object Reconstructions with CAD Models for Visual Representations in Mixed Reality
[21WS - MA] Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: Tutorials for Challenging Games
[21WS - MA] Designing and Deploying a Mediating Conversational Agent to Connect with and Influence Virtual Conference Calls
[21WS - MA] Cultural Heritage Application of Trajan's Column Using Augmented Reality
[21WS - MA] Communication and Interaction Methods for Virtual Courses
[21WS - MA] Collaborative system for coordination and planning in large scale operations at the fire department
[21WS - MA] Automatic 3D label generation and pose estimation using neural networks.
[21WS - MA] Automated integration testing for virtual reality applications
[21WS - MA] Augmented Reality Game for Tracking Germs
[21WS - MA] Augmented Reality Game for TrackingGerms
[21WS - MA] Augmented Reality As a Tool – Development of an Intuitive Cross-Platform Framework
[21WS - MA] A Supporter - The Apple Watch as a Supportive Medium for Seniors
[21WS - MA] Artificial Intelligence Assisted Content Generation for Games Based on Hierarchical Graphs
[21WS - MA] An API for Merging Displays: Surface Expansion in Digitally Assisted Board Games for the Elderly
[21WS - MA] Aesthetic Graph Drawing of Complex State Diagrams
[21WS - GR] Virtual Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities
[21WS - GR] Synchronize with me: Exploration of Visually Captured Facial Cues in Virtual Conversations among Strangers
[21WS - GR] Exploring the IMGUI concept for graphical user interfaces in mixed reality applications
[21WS - BA] Web-based Augmented Reality as a Tool for an Extended Information Offer for Technical Exhibitions
[21WS - BA] Virtual Reality Systems for Serious Games on the subject of dive simulation
[21WS - BA] Virtual Learning Post Pandemic: Design considerations for Mixed Reality Solutions in Education
[21WS - BA] Variations of 3D Real-Time Avatar Creation for Virtual Office Collaboration Using Azure Kinect and HoloLens 2
[21WS - BA] Use Cases of Augmented Reality Applications for The Elderly
[21WS - BA] Travel application for elderly using Virtual Reality
[21WS - BA] The Combination of Physically Based and Deferred Rendering Algorithms for VR and AR Applications
[21WS - BA] Teaching Hieroglyphs with a Serious Game in VR
[21WS - BA] Study of the Effective Usage of Machine Learning and Augmented Reality for Support of Elderly People
[21WS - BA] Smart Drinking Gadget for Elderly People
[21WS - BA] Semi-Automatic Geometry Reconstruction from Scanned Legacy Floor Plans
[21WS - BA] Remotely Measuring Physiological Synchronization of Video Conversation
[21WS - BA] Procedural Generation of 2D Level Structures Based on Hierarchical Graphs
[21WS - BA] Preventing Cognitive Decline for Dementia Patients by using Mobile Game Applications
[21WS - BA] Motion Planning using Hierarchical Graphs and Localized Tessellation of Two-Dimensional Space
[21WS - BA] Mobile Serious Game for Elderly using Augmented Reality
[21WS - BA] Mobile Augmented Reality based User Guidance as a tool for Natural Feature Tracking Stabilization
[21WS - BA] Interactive Visualization of Complex State Diagrams for Optimal Developer Experience
[21WS - BA] Interactive 3D-Applications as Progressive Web Apps
[21WS - BA] Integrating Aspects of Presence into a Virtual Reality Shopping Simulation
[21WS - BA] Improving photogrammetric 3D reconstructionby Augmented Reality and Gamification based User Guidance
[21WS - BA] Improving nutrition and decision making in supermarkets using Deep Learning and Augmented Reality
[21WS - BA] Implementation of a Location-Based Game with AR Features for Elderly People
[21WS - BA] Implementation and Characterization of Commercial off-the-shelf Sensors for the Attitude Determination System of the MOVE-III CubeSat
[21WS - BA] Immersive Wayfinding for 3D Games
[21WS - BA] Immersive Voice Interaction for Real-Time Tactics Games
[21WS - BA] High Performance Programming: Development of a Gameplay Foundation System Component Based on Complex State Machines
[21WS - BA] Head nods, smiles and frowns: Measuring how virtual agent can influence decision making by synchronizing with the user in a Social Deduction Game.
[21WS - BA] Head nods, smiles and frowns: Measuringhow virtual agent can influence decisionmaking by synchronizing with the user in aSocial Deduction Game.
[21WS - BA] GNSS-based personnel tracking and visualization in large scale emergency scenarios
[21WS - BA] Gaming for Elderly People - A Serious Game about Healthy Nutrition and Balanced Dieting
[21WS - BA] Experience your nutrient intake in Augmented Reality
[21WS - BA] Examination of the role of Game Mechanics in Serious Games via analysis of an underwater archaeology simulation VR Serious Game.
[21WS - BA] Enhanced Visual Augmentation for Maritime Rotorcrafts in the Near-Ship Environment
[21WS - BA] Enabling Seniors to Interact in Virtual Reality
[21WS - BA] Development of a Turn-Based Battle System for a Serious Game for Learning Japanese
[21WS - BA] Development of a Serious Game with Augmented Reality Elements to Promote Healthy Nutrition Choices
[21WS - BA] Development of a post-processing architecture for XR applications and implementation of post-processing effects
[21WS - BA] Development of an Augmented Reality Application for the Strategy Board Game Go
[21WS - BA] Development of a mobile system for the categorization of patients in mass casualty incidents in combination with visualization on a collaborative map
[21WS - BA] Developing a Serious Game about State Diagrams
[21WS - BA] Developing a Serious Game about nutrition
[21WS - BA] Developing a realistic Virtual Supermarket Environment and Gamification of the Augmented Virtuality Smartphone
[21WS - BA] Developing a Mobile App to Enhance the Psychological Well-Being of the Elderly
[21WS - BA] Design Principles Based on Game Elements to Support Wellbeing Demonstrated by a House Plant Care App
[21WS - BA] Concepts and Integration for Sharing Mixed Reality Content Across in Multi User Scenarios
[21WS - BA] Companion Guidance and Interactive Components for an Elderly-Friendly Virtual Reality Travel Application
[21WS - BA] Combined User Perception and Tracking Accuracy Effects in Handheld Augmented Reality
[21WS - BA] Cinematography and Aesthetic Camera Control for Video Games
[21WS - BA] Boss Engineering: Methods and Tools for Game Development
[21WS - BA] Automatic classification of 3D Model-Parts in architectural CAD and BIM models
[21WS - BA] Augmented Reality Serious Game for the Elderly
[21WS - BA] Augmented Reality Game in Superhuman Sports: 6-DoF Pose Estimation of a Drone Ball using OpenCV
[21WS - BA] Artificial Intelligence Assisted Level Design Analysis for Competitive Games
[21WS - BA] An Electronically Augmented Card Game for Autonomic Learning of Basic Nutritional Science for Senior Citizens
[21WS - BA] An Augmented Virtuality Approach to Enhancing the VR Experience by Integrating the Users Smartphone in the Virtual Environment
[21WS - BA] Adaptive Difficulty in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games to Create Optimal Experience
[21WS - BA] (Yulius Seliman) Travel application for elderly using Virtual Reality
[21WS - BA] (Mohamed Shalaby) Improving nutrition and decision making in supermarkets using Deep Learning and Augmented Reality
[21WS - BA] (Daniel Bamberger) - AR for Elderly
[21SS - MP] Revision of DragonTale - A Serious Game for Learning Kanji
[21SS - MA] Wearables and IoT-Based Applications in Elderly Care - MyCare: a Senior-friendly Apple Watch Application for Health Monitoring
[21SS - MA] Visual Configuration and Debugging of Distributed Applications
[21SS - MA] On the Trail of Jack the Ripper - A Serious Game about a Cold Case
[21SS - MA] Mathstation - A Serious Game for Mathematics
[21SS - MA] Development of an Emotion Engine for Games
[21SS - GR] Server supported User Guidance forphotogramic 3D Reconstruction
[21SS - BA] Porti ̧tei A - Development of an AR-Based Exhibition Guide
[21SS - BA] Interactive Wall Tracking System for Digital Sports Games
[21SS - BA] Inspector Dance: a Social Dancing and Deduction Game based on IMU Gesture Recognition
[21SS - BA] Game Design Principles for Multiplicative Gameplay
[21SS - BA] Dynamic Storytelling Based on Complex Graphs
[21SS - BA] Development of an Augmented Reality App for Stolperstein Memorials
[21SS - BA] Development of a High-Performance Engine to Execute Statecharts for Games
[21SS - BA] Development and Implementation of a Reusable Web-API for Online 3D Reconstruction
[21SS - BA] An AR Serious Game about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
[21SS - BA] A Calibration Tool to Establish Interpersonal Synchrony Using a Motion-Based Multiplayer WebAR Game
[20WS - MA] Semantic SLAM: Combining SLAM Systems and Neural Networks for Improved Surrounding Fusion in AR Applications
[20WS - MA] Identify vehicles in driver’s gaze focus region using Deep learning and Data fusion
[20WS - MA] Dynamic Difficulty Adaption for Serious Games
[20WS - MA] Development of an Elderly Friendly User Interface by Adopting Controller-based Navigation in a Virtual Reality Travel Application
[20WS - MA] Development and Evaluation of an AR User Interface for Robots
[20WS - GR] User Perception of Game Elements in Duolingo
[20WS - GR] Person-Independent sEMG Gesture Recognition Using LSTM Networks for Human-Computer Interaction
[20WS - GR] Ludus Magnus - An Open World Serious Game for Learning the Latin Language
[20WS - GR] LegionARius - Beyond Limes: Further development of a Serious Game about the construction of Roman military camps
[20WS - BA] Simplified Chess with a Basic Tutorial for Dementia Patients
[20WS - BA] Monitoring Hydration of the Elderly for Nursing Homes with an Gamified Application
[20WS - BA] Learning Japanese Kanji using Heisig Method through AR And Deep Learning
[20WS - BA] Interactive Simulation and Visualization of Molecular Structure Dynamics in Virtual Reality
[20WS - BA] Information Flow in Distributed Multi-Agent Systems
[20WS - BA] Game development for nutrition
[20WS - BA] Development of a Serious Game about Nutrition with Augmented Reality Features
[20WS - BA] Application of Spatial Information Derived from 3D Scene Structures
[20WS - BA] A Gamified Approach to Count Calories and to Monitor the Hydration Level
[20SS - MP] Shattered World
[20SS - MP] Oppidum
[20SS - MA] Software Design of a Dynamic AR Superhuman Sports Platform-Independent Architecture
[20SS - MA] Semantic Segmentation and Reconstruction of 3D Point Clouds using 3D Deep Learning
[20SS - MA] Point Cloud Registration of Tracked Objects and Real-time Visualization of LiDAR Data on Web and WebVR
[20SS - MA] A Mixed Reality Interface for Digital Twin Based Crane
[20SS - GR] Effects of Augmented Reality in a Serious Game for Learning Japanese Kanji
[20SS - BA] Testability of Probabilistic State Diagrams
[20SS - BA] Gameplay Analysis of Competitive Games to Support the Game Design Process
[20SS - BA] Game Design Principles for Story-Based Action Role-Playing Games Played without the Sense of Sight
[20SS - BA] Exploring Human-Building Interaction: Presenting Initial Frameworks for Home-situated Interactions
[20SS - BA] Evaluation of Different Control Techniques in a Mobile Jump and Run Game
[20SS - BA] Enhancing Inclusion and Innovation in Games Engineering
[20SS - BA] Dynamic Detection of Player Types and Adaption of Game Components for Optimal User Experience
[20SS - BA] Development of an Input Device Based on a Microcontroller with an Inertial Measurement Unit to Interact in Three-Dimensional Space
[20SS - BA] Adaptive Difficulty in Video Games to Foster Optimal Experience
[19WS - MP] AR-Table League
[19WS - MP] AR-Table City
[19WS - MP] AR-Plants-Vs-Insects
[19WS - MP] AR-A'maze'ing Reality
[19WS - MA] Procedurally Generated and Digitally Recreated Environments Designed for Interactive Content in Augmented and Virtual Reality
[19WS - MA] Evaluation of Rendering Optimizations for Virtual Reality Applications in Vulkan
[19WS - MA] Dynamic Difficulty Adaption for Serious Games
[19WS - MA] Development of Mobile Augmented Reality Application for Server Based 3D Reconstruction with Semantic Annotations in Industrial Scenario
[19WS - MA] Deep Learning based Sensor Fusion for 6-DoF Pose Estimation
[19WS - MA] Deep Learning Approach for Motion Control of a Physically Simulated Humanoid Avatar in VR
[19WS - MA] Deepfake Video Detection Using Deep Learning
[19WS - MA] Authoring Tool for Industrial Augmented Reality
[19WS - MA] Analysis and Visualization of Data Quality in Automated Production Systems - Conceptualization of Metrics and Implementation of a User Interface on a Lab-Demonstrator
[19WS - GR] Person-Independent sEMG Gesture Recognition Using LSTM Networks for Human-Computer Interaction
[19WS - GR] A survey of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) with the purpose of fusing simulated inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor data.
[19WS - GR] Aesthetic Graph Drawing of Hierarchical State Diagrams
[19WS - BA] Working in VR - A web-based approach combining 2D and 3D interfaces
[19WS - BA] VR Re-Embodiment: Establishing a Control Structure to enable Physic-based Movement of the Human Body in Unity 3D
[19WS - BA] Virtual Reality Re-Embodiment of a Hand using Simulated Robotics
[19WS - BA] Ubi-Interact: Architecture for Programming Language Independent Interaction Modules
[19WS - BA] Simulating 2D Game Physics using dynamic Navigationgraphs
[19WS - BA] Optimizing Pens for Use as 3D Raycasting Interactables with Monocular 6-DoF Object Tracking
[19WS - BA] Interactive Storytelling and Emotions
[19WS - BA] Development of a Quiz-App for Mobile Devices to use with Dementia Patients
[19WS - BA] Development of a Collaborative and Mobile System to Enhance Overview during Catastrophic Situations as Assistance for Executive Officers
[19WS - BA] Dataflow Visualization for web-based Graph Editors
[19WS - BA] Analysis of Level Design Graphs
[19WS - BA] Acoustic Wayfinding Support in Real Environments without the Sense of Sight
[19WS - BA] Acoustic User Interfaces for Improving Situational Awareness
[19WS - BA]: Design and Implementation of a Process Chain for the automatic Generation of an Assembly and Maintenance Guide using Augmented Reality
[19SS - MP] 360-Tetris
[19SS - MA] Causality in 3D
[19SS - MA]: Development of a Smart LED Hula Hoop with Sensibility for Motion
[19SS - BA] wARgaming - Creation and Evaluation of an ARKit Interface for Tabletop Games
[19SS - BA] Smartphone-Assisted Virtual Reality Using Ubi-Interact
[19SS - BA] Implementation and evaluation of an AR remote guidance system using standard web technologies
[19SS - BA] Gamification for training purpose
[19SS - BA] Frame Marker Evaluation for mobile Applications with architectural Purpose
[18WS - MP] Sleepy Storm
[18WS - MP] HoloRPG
[18WS - MA] Exploration and Classification of State-of-the-art 3D User Interfaces in Virtual and Augmented Reality Scenarios
[18WS - BA] Procedurally generating parameterisable earth-like planets with adaptive level of detail
[18WS - BA] Development of a Game with Physiotherapical use with help of AR and VR Technologies
[18WS - BA] Design for Abstraction and Implementation of 3D User Interfaces with regard to Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications
[18WS - AP] IMU Sensor Fusion With Machine Learning
[18SS - BA] Turn-based JRPG combat mechanics in a Virtual Reality setting
[18SS - BA] Overview and Implementation for Modern Memory Management in Graphical Real-time Applications
[18SS - BA] Note recognition for a pick pattern trainer
[18SS - BA] Industrial application of virtual technologies for workplace related learning in the manufacturing industry
[18SS - BA] Implementation of a 3D painting tool for Skyboxes in Virtual Reality
[17WS - MA] A location-based serious game about the Studentenstadt Freimann
[17SS - BA] HoloRPG - Implementation of a Role-Playing Game in Augmented Reality with the Microsoft Hololens
[17SS - BA] Development of an Interactive System for Visualisation and Navigation of Complex Model-Based Development Data
[16WS - MA] Gamification - Learning IT-Security aspects
[16WS - BA] ATC as a Game
[16SS - BA] Development of a trajectory planning tool for a highly automated aircraft
[15WS - MP] Masterpraktikum Serious Games: Dragon Tale - A Kanji Game
[15WS - BA] User Identification in a Multi-Device Environment
[15SS - BA] Designing a Tangible MIDI-Controller for Multi-Touch Surfaces
[14WS - BA] Towering Defense: An Augmented Reality Multi-Device Game
[14WS - BA] Augmented Virtual Space: Visualizations in a Multi-Device Virtual Environment
[14WS - BA] Augmented Virtual Space: Interactions in a Multi-Device Virtual Environment
[14SS - MA] On-Site Mobile Augmented Reality by Means of Network Managed Architectural Design Content
[14SS - BA] Virtually Participating in Real Games from a Different Location
[14SS - BA] Unity3D as platform for Point & Click Adventures
[14SS - BA] Markerloses Tracking von Personen und Geräten im OP - Möglichkeiten und Ansätze
[14SS - BA] Interactive Schafkopf: Extending the Real Game with Virtual Players
[14SS - BA] Development of a driver interface for precise parking of wirelessly charged electric vehicles
[14SS - BA] Classification of AR Presentation Principles: Trends and Gaps in AR
[14SS - BA] A Web based Photogrammetric Camera Calibration Toolbox
[14SS - BA] Augmented Reality Tabletop Game
[13WS - MA] Parallel Tracking and Mapping in UbiTrack?
[13WS - MA] Below The Surface Exploration
[13SS - MA] Fast image fusion on foveated images
[13SS - BA] Repetition of MapInteraction2?.0 on an Android Device
[13SS - BA] Design and Development of a Mobile Indoor AR Application
[12WS - BA] Touch Floor - Investigation of a touch floor as input device in a virtual environment
[12WS - BA] Implementation and Evaluation of Motion-Based Input for a Volleyball Game
[12SS - MA] Smart-Phone Incremental Pose Tracking In Unregistered Environments
[12SS - MA] Modellierung der Gruppendynamik bei dem Einsatz von vorausschauender Fahrerassistenz
[12SS - MA] Evaluierung der Auswirkungen von Super Resolution auf die Tracking-Genauigkeit
[12SS - MA] Comparative Study of Path Variants for implicit Guidance in a simulated 3D Environment
[12SS - MA] 3D Magic Lens Implementation using a Handheld Device in a 3D Virtual Environment
[12SS - MA] 3D augmented virtuality sketching
[12SS - BA] Multitouch Keyboard Kinect basiert
[12SS - BA] Motivationsanalyse des Designs eines On-Board Systems zum Training für Ökologisches LKW-Fahren
[12SS - BA] Investigating Haptic Interfaces for Viewpoint Control Metaphors in Virtual Environments
[12SS - BA] Integrierte Erweiterung des User Interfaces einer existierenden Kartenanwendung und dessen benutzerzentrierte und iterative Evaluation
[12SS - BA] Implementation and Evaluation of Motion-Based Input for a Volleyball Game
[12SS - BA] Fog of Triage
[12SS - BA] Die Klassifizierung und Analyse von Darstellungsprinzipien in AR-Anwendungen
[12SS - BA] Animation von typischen Abläufen von Situationen in einem MANV in digitaler Kartendarstellung und darauf basierende Anforderungsanalyse mit dem ASB
[11WS - MA] Gestyboard 2.0
[11WS - BA] Entwicklung und Evaluation einer innovativen Texteingabetechnik für Tablet PCs die auf der Rückseite
[11SS - BA] Transfer in WPF und Erweiterung von existierenden Randbedienungskonzepten zur Selektion von Kartendaten auf einem robusten TabletPC?
[11SS - BA] Multitouch Gesten Leitfaden
[11SS - BA] Investigating Viewpoint Control Metaphors for hand-held devices in Virtual Environments
[11SS - BA] Increasing motivation for sports with the help of ubiquitous computing
[11SS - BA] Entwicklung und Evaluierung von verschiedenen Alternativen zur Emulation einer Mouse auf Touchscreens
[10WS - BA] Bachelorthesis: Implementation of a SVG-GUI-Builder in the Context of the SpeedUp-Project
[10SS - MA] Virtual Simulation of Multi-Camera Optical Tracking Systems
[10SS - BA] Integration of Markerless Tracking with Global Reference Frames
[10SS - BA] Development of a tangible multiplayer Tetris game on a Multitouch Table
[10SS - BA] Bachelorarbeit: Entwicklung einer Applikation auf einem Multi-touch Tisch zur Überblickslage in Großschadensereignissen
[09WS - MA] Tracking for augmented reality applications on mobile phones
[09SS - BA] Personalized Energy Measurment
[09SS - BA] Hand Tracking with the Wiimote
[09SS - BA] Controlling 3D objects by using a multitouch surface with gesture recognition
[08SS - BA] Maintenance Support Using Hybrid Displays
[07WS - MA] Integration of a Component Based Driving Simulator and Experiments on Multimodal (= Haptical and Optical) Driver Assistance
[07SS - MA] Precise Distance and Position Determination of Objects in the Driving Environment with Stereo Vision for various Applications
[07SS - MA] Identifizierung effizienter Nutzer von Augmented Reality Systemen
[07SS - MA] Efficient Visualization of Lighting Simulation Data
[06WS - MA] Display Technologies for Augmented Reality Support in Logistics
[05WS - MA] Spatial Context Management for Augmented Reality in Vehicles
[05SS - MA] Optical and Magnetic Tracking
[05SS - MA] Improving Augmented Reality Table Top Applications with Hybrid Tracking
[05SS - MA] Development and Evaluation of a Driver Assistance Concept for Speed and Lane Assistance
[05SS - MA] Analysis of Conceptual Differences and Similarities Concerning the Interaction with Physical and Digital Objects in Augmented Reality
[04SS - MA] Construction of Decentralized Data Flow Graphs in Ubiquitous Tracking Environments
[03WS - MA] Design of a Planning Tool for Port Placement in Robotically Assisted Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Surgery

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