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Open Thesis Topics:

Contact Weber, Sandro  for topics of:

Contact Liedtke, Sven  for topics of:

  • Gamified solutions for spatial awareness and user guiding in mixed reality scenarios (Thesis/Guided Research)
  • Description Language for 3D User Interfaces and Interaction pattern (Thesis/Guided Research)
  • Multi device platform for Head-Mounted Displays and 3D User Interaction (UbiVis + UbiInteract) (HiWi/GR/Thesis)
  • Using digital Instruments (e.g. E-Drum) for profiling and enhance the musician's skills (Thesis/GR)
  • Application for educational purpose to learn an instrument (e.g. E-Drums) (Thesis/GR)
  • Use of digital Instruments as input device for applications or games (Master Practical Course/Thesis)
  • Enhancing 3D User Interfaces by a classification system for transitions and animations
  • your own ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

Contact Jadid, Adnane  for topics of:

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Visual AR Topics and industrial Approaches (Kontakt: Rudolph, Linda )

Research Topics (Contact: Eghtebas, Chloe )

Contact Eichhorn, Christian (details: Open Thesis) for topics of:

  • (Bachelor/Master) 3D printed gadgets: Designing of game-related gadgets, daily life support concepts based on 3D printing and microcontrollers combined with mobile devices (Bluetooth cube, smart drinking cup)
  • (Bachelor/Master) Serious Games for the elderly/dementia patients: User Interface (UI) design and motivation strategies
  • (Bachelor/Master) Caregiver workflow support applications: Designing of mobile solutions
  • (Bachelor/Master) AR Superhuman Sports Concepts: Based on free movement in the with virtual object enriched world to overcome the limitations of the human body
  • (Bachelor/Master) Japanese culture/language games
  • (Guided Research) History of AR game development and future trends
  • (Guided Research) Current state and trends in AR/VR: Overview of HMDs, controllers and software solution

Finished/Running Theses Add New

Previous Topics:

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